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Energy Efficiency

                         provides energy efficiency products to improve the electrical network efficiency of your facility and save energy.

We are passionate about energy conservation and this has resulted in our expertise in energy efficiency.



Energy Efficiency and Carbon Reduction 3

Maximum Power Transfer Solution or MPTS devices reduce operating cost by providing power quality improvement, reduction in total power, enhanced electrical efficiency, increase utilization of installed capacity and compliment environmental sustainability.

The technology used in MPTS, total energy saving device, is based on dynamic impedance matching, synchronous processing through solid state electronic switching, dynamic, accurate and precise correction using multi-tasking algorithm control to optimize each phase to attain maximum efficiency.

When connected to electrical AC inductive and other balanced or unbalanced phase loads, the MPTS dynamically matches the source and load impedances resulting in reduced total power consumption and significant electrical efficiency improvement.

MPTS technology is the only known power solution that can provide clean energy for 24-hours a day with varying loads resulting in reduced operating costs.  MPTS devices are power management solutions that reduces carbon footprint while decreasing watts per square foot.

Our energy sustainability programs are custom tailored to each client's individual needs and circumstances with a view toward long-term customer relationships based on mutual trust and satisfaction. From the initial assessment to comprehensive and integrated maintenance programs, our trained technicians are laser-focused on reducing your utility costs and carbon footprint. 

  • Lighting controls including timers and occupancy sensors

  • Variable Speed Drives (VSD)

  • Upgrades to Heating Ventilation Air-Conditioning and Cooling (HVAC)

  • Dampers, actuators and controls

  • Solar PV systems and Battery Storage

  • Boiler upgrades / Optimization

  • Chiller replacements / Optimization

  • Electrical Power / Voltage Regulation Units (VRUs)

  • Electrical Power Monitoring, Power analysis and Management systems

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